Ron St-Pierre wrote:
Yes, I know that it's not a very good idea, however queries are allowed against all of those columns. One option is to disable some or all of the
indexes when we update, run the update, and recreate the indexes, however it may slow down user queries. Because there are so many indexes,
it is time consuming to recreate them after the update.

Just because a query can run against any column does not mean all columns should be indexed. Take a good look at the column types and their value distribution.

Let's say I have a table of addresses but every address I collect is in the 94116 zip code. That would mean indexes on city, state and zip are not only useless but could decrease performance.

Also, if a search always includes a unique key (or a column with highly unique values), eliminating the other indexes would force the planner to always use that index first.

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