Mischa Sandberg wrote:
In the meantime, what I gather from browsing mail archives is that postgresql on Solaris seems to get hung up on IO rather than CPU.
Furthermore, I notice that Oracle and now MySQL use directio to bypass the system cache, when doing heavy writes to the disk; and Postgresql does not.

Not wishing to alter backend/store/file for this test, I figured I could get a customer to mount the UFS volume for pg_xlog with the option "forcedirectio".

Any comment on this? No consideration of what the wal_sync_method is at this point. Presumably it's defaulting to fdatasync on Solaris.

BTW this is Postgres 7.4.1, and our customers are Solaris 8 and 9.

If you care your data upgrade to more recent 7.4.5

Test your better sync method using /src/tools/fsync  however do some
experiment changing the sync method, you can also avoid to update the
acces time for the inodes mounting the partition with noatime option
( this however have more impact on performance for read activities )

Regards Gaetano Mendola

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