My basic question to the community is "is PostgreSQL approximately as fast
as Oracle?"

I don't want benchmarks, they're BS.  I want a gut feel from this community
because I know many of you are in mixed shops that run both products, or
have had experience with both.

I fully intend to tune, vacuum, analyze, size buffers, etc.  I've read what
people have written on the topic, and from that my gut feel is that using
PostgreSQL will not adversely affect performance of my application versus
Oracle.  I know it won't adversely affect my pocket book.  I also know that
requests for help will be quick, clear, and multifaceted.

I'm currently running single processor UltraSPARC workstations, and intend
to use Intel Arch laptops and Linux.  The application is a big turnkey
workstation app.  I know the hardware switch alone will enhance
performance, and may do so to the point where even a slower database will
still be adequate.

Whadyall think?



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