A note though : you'll have to turn off HTTP persistent connections in your server (not in your proxy) or youre back to square one.

I hadn't considered that. On the client side it would seem to be up to the client whether to use a persistent connection or not. If it does, then yeah, a request every 5 seconds would still just hold open a server. One more reason to use a proxy I s'pose.

It's clear that this discussion has moved way away from PG! Although in the context of DB backed web apps I guess in remains a bit on-topic...

I find it very on-topic as
- it's a way to help this guy solve his "pg problem" which was iin fact a design problem
- it's the future of database driven web apps (no more reloading the whole page !)

I think in the future there will be a good bit of presentation login in the client...

Not if Bruno has his way ;-)

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