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check this marvelus piece of 5 minutes of work :

cela m'a fait le sourire :-)

(apologies for bad french)


Javascript is not an option for the scripts, one of the mandates of the project is to support as many different client setups as possible and we have encountered everything from WebTV to the latest Firefox release. It's a chat/roleplay community and not everyone will invest in new equipment.

Now, it would seem to me that there is a trade off between a JS push system and a constant ever-present process. With the traditional method as I use it, a client will incur the initial penalty of going through authentication, pulling the look and feel of the realms, sites and simply poll one table from that point on.

Now on the other hand, you have one user making a call for new posts every x amount of seconds. This means every X seconds the penalty for authentication and design would kick in, increasing overall the load.

The current scripts can also by dynamically adapted to slow things down based on heavy load or quiet realms that bring little posts in. It's much harder to expect Javascript solutions to work perfectly every time and not be modified by some proxy.

Unfortunately, we are getting way off track. I'm looking for a way to protect the PostgreSQL server, either from PostgreSQL or some sort of external script which pools load average once in a while to make that determination.

Now is there an administrative command in PostgreSQL that will cause it to move into some sort of maintenance mode? For me that could be exceedingly useful as it would still allow for an admin connection to be made and run a VACUUM FULL and such.

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