I have two dual opteron 248's with 4g of ram each, 6x36G 15k rpm ultra
320 scsi disks in hardware raid 5, and they are by far the fastest
machines I've user used. As far as this "headache" of using 64 bit
Linux, I've experienced no such thing. I'm using gentoo on both
machines, which are dedicated for postgres 7.4 and replicated with
slony. They're both quite fast and reliable. One machine even runs a
secondary instance of pg, pg 8 beta4 in this case, for development,
which also runs quite well.


Merlin Moncure wrote:

>Does anybody have any experiences with postgresql 7.4+ running on amd-64
>in 64 bit mode?  Specifically, does it run quicker and if so do the
>performance benefits justify the extra headaches running 64 bit linux?
>Right now I'm building a dual Opteron 246 with 4 gig ddr400.  
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