> Is this for Postgresql Cygwin? You surely can't mean "for all server
> tasks" - if so, I would say that's *way* off. There is a difference,
> it's more along the line of single-digit percentage in my experience -
> provided you config your machines reasonably, of course.
> (In my experience, Win32 MSSQLServer often outperforms postgresql on
> Linux. Granted you can tweak postgresql up to higher speeds, but MS
> most of that tweaking automatically... Talking of tweaking a lot more
> specific than just raising the memory limits from the installation
> default, of course)

I agree with Magnus.  Specifically, I suspect there is some sort of
resource contention going on that is driving up the cpu load when the
queries follow certain patterns.  This resource contention could be
happening in the win32 port code (likely ipc), the mingw api, or inside
the o/s itself.

Other servers, namely apache, sql server and a host of others do not
have this problem.


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