> I'm curious about the problem's you're seeing with Dell servers since
> we're about to buy some 750s, 2850s and 1850s.

The problems I've been dealing with have been on the *650s.   They're the ones 
you name.

> FYI ... the 750s, 1850s and 2850s use Intel chipsets (E7520 on 1850s
> and 2850s, 7210 on 750s), Intel NICs, and come only with LSI Logic
> RAID controllers.  It looks like Dell has dropped the
> Broadcom/ServerWorks and Adaptec junk.

I don't know if Vivek is on this list; I think he just had a critical failure 
with one of the new Dells with LSI.


Josh Berkus
Aglio Database Solutions
San Francisco

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