Dave Cramer wrote:
Well, I've personally seen IBM's that were slower than Dell's, and Dell's aren't particularly fast.

I'm currently trying to find a name brand computer that is as fast as something I could build myself. So far the HP looks like the fastest, but still not as fast as a machine built from scratch
SuperMicro seems to be pretty good as Bruce mentioned.

I've been very impressed with the Monarch machines. They are well built, with good quality components. They are meticulously assembled, with special care taken with cable routing and such. Very quiet machines as well and that's not easy with AMD processors.

These folks also specialize in Linux boxes and they preload Linux. You won't find that with most of the large vendors. Plus, you can call and actually talk to one of the folks who's actually building the box. It's unlikely you'll get that kind of service from any of the big guys.

As far as Dell is concerned, I've heard nothing but problems from other folks using their boxes, both servers and desktops. My personal experience reflects the same.

Until later, Geoffrey

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