> > postgresql 7.3.2-1 with RH 9 on a mechine of 2 Xeon 3.0 Ghz and ram of 4
> Gb.
> You may want to try disabling hyperthreading, if you don't mind
> rebooting.

Can you give me an idea why should I use the SMP kernel instead of Bigmen kernel
[turn off the hyperthreading]? Will it be better to turn off ?

> > grew up to 3.5 Gb and there were more than 160 concurent connections.
> Looks like your growing dataset won't fit in your OS disk cache any
> longer. Isolate your most problematic queries and check out their
> query plans. I bet you have some sequential scans that used to read
> from cache but now need to read the disk. An index may help you.
> More RAM wouldn't hurt. =)

I think so that there may be some query load on our programe and I try to locate
But if I reduce the config to :
max_connections = 160
shared_buffers =  2048    [Total = 2.5 Gb.]
sort_mem  = 8192   [Total = 1280 Mb.]
vacuum_mem = 16384
effective_cache_size  = 128897 [= 1007 Mb. = 1 Gb.  ]
Will it be more suitable for my server than before?

Thanks for all comment.

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