> The common wisdom of shared buffers is around 6-10% of available memory.
> Your proposal below is about 50% of memory.
> I'm not sure what the original numbers actually meant, they are quite large.
I will try to reduce shared buffer to 1536 [1.87 Mb].

> also effective cache is the sum of kernel buffers + shared_buffers so it
> should be bigger than shared buffers.
also make the effective cache to 2097152 [2 Gb].
I will give you the result , because tomorrow [4/12/05] will be the official day
of my hospital [which have more than 1700 OPD patient/day].

> Also turning hyperthreading off may help, it is unlikely it is doing any
> good unless you are running a relatively new (2.6.x) kernel.
Why , could you give me the reason?

> I presume you are vacuuming on a regular basis?
Yes , vacuumdb daily.

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