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I will try to reduce shared buffer to 1536 [1.87 Mb].

1536 is probaby too low. I've tested a bunch of different settings on my 8GB Opteron server and 10K seems to be the best setting.

Be careful here, he is not using opterons which can access physical memory above 4G efficiently. Also he only has 4G the 6-10% rule still applies

10% of 4GB is 400MB. 10K buffers is 80MB. Easily less than the 6-10% rule.

To figure out your effective cache size, run top and add free+cached.

My understanding is that effective cache is the sum of shared buffers, plus kernel buffers, not sure what free + cached gives you?

Not true. Effective cache size is the free memory available that the OS can use for caching for Postgres. In a system that runs nothing but Postgres, it's free + cached.

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