I realize you may be stuck with 7.3.x but you should be aware that 7.4
is considerably faster, and 8.0 appears to be even faster yet.

There are a little bit incompatibility between 7.3 -8 , so rather difficult to change.

I would seriously consider upgrading, if at all possible.

A few more hints.

Random page cost is quite conservative if you have reasonably fast disks.
Speaking of fast disks, not all disks are created equal, some RAID
drives are quite slow (Bonnie++ is your friend here)

Sort memory can be set on a per query basis, I'd consider lowering it
quite low and only increasing it when necessary.

Which brings us to how to find out when it is necessary.
Turn logging on and turn on log_pid, and log_duration, then you will
need to sort through the logs to find the slow queries.

In standard RH 9.0 , if I enable both of the log [pid , duration] , where could
I look for the result of the log, and would it make the system to be slower?

On a redhat system logging is more or less disabled if you used the rpm

you can set syslog=2 in the postgresql.conf and then you will get the logs in messages.log
Yes, it will make it slower, but you have to find out which queries are slow.


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