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> I wonder  if I would like to increase more RAM from 4 Gb. to 6 Gb. [which I 
> hope
> to increase more performance ] and I now I used RH 9 and Pgsql 7.3.2 ON DUAL
> Xeon 3.0 server thay has the limtation of 4 Gb. ram, I should use which OS
> between FC 2-3 or redhat EL 3 [which was claimed to support 64 Gb.ram] .May I
> use FC 2 [which is freely downloaded] with 6 Gb. and PGsql 7.4 ?
> Amrit
> Thailand

Try 7.4 before the memory upgrade. If you still have performance issues,
try optimising your queries. As I mentioned before, you can join the
#postgresql channel on irc.freenode.net and we can assist.


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