It's not useless, it's just not optimal.

All operating systems, FC2, FC3, .... will have the same problem with
greater than 4G of memory on a 32 bit processor.

The *only* way to avoid this is to go to a 64 bit processor (opteron) and then
for greater performance use a linux distribution compiled for a 64bit processor.

Have you identified and optimized the queries, are you sure you need more memory?


Since the optimal state is to allocate a small amount of memory to
Postgres and leave a huge chunk to the OS cache, this means you are
already hitting the PAE penalty at 1.5GB of memory.

How could I change this hitting?
Upgrade to 64-bit processors + 64-bit linux.

Does the PAE help linux in handling the memory of more than 4 Gb limit in 32 bit
archetech ? My intel server board could handle the mem of 12 Gb [according to
intel spec.] and if I use Fedora C2 with PAE , will it useless for mem of more
than >4Gb.?

Any comment please?

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