* Herv? Piedvache ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Is there any solution with PostgreSQL matching these needs ... ?

You might look into pg_pool.  Another possibility would be slony, though
I'm not sure it's to the point you need it at yet, depends on if you can
handle some delay before an insert makes it to the slave select systems.

> Do we have to backport our development to MySQL for this kind of problem ?

Well, hopefully not. :)

> Is there any other solution than a Cluster for our problem ?

Bigger server, more CPUs/disks in one box.  Try to partition up your
data some way such that it can be spread across multiple machines, then
if you need to combine the data have it be replicated using slony to a
big box that has a view which joins all the tables and do your big
queries against that.

Just some thoughts.


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