Le Jeudi 20 Janvier 2005 15:30, Stephen Frost a écrit :
> * Herv? Piedvache ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> > Is there any solution with PostgreSQL matching these needs ... ?
> You might look into pg_pool.  Another possibility would be slony, though
> I'm not sure it's to the point you need it at yet, depends on if you can
> handle some delay before an insert makes it to the slave select systems.

I think not ... pgpool or slony are replication solutions ... but as I have 
said to Christopher Kings-Lynne how I'll manage the scalabilty of the 
database ? I'll need several servers able to load a database growing and 
growing to get good speed performance ...

> > Do we have to backport our development to MySQL for this kind of problem
> > ?
> Well, hopefully not. :)

I hope so ;o)

> > Is there any other solution than a Cluster for our problem ?
> Bigger server, more CPUs/disks in one box.  Try to partition up your
> data some way such that it can be spread across multiple machines, then
> if you need to combine the data have it be replicated using slony to a
> big box that has a view which joins all the tables and do your big
> queries against that.

But I'll arrive to limitation of a box size quickly I thing a 4 processors 
with 64 Gb of RAM ... and after ?


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