Le Jeudi 20 Janvier 2005 15:48, Jeff a écrit :
> On Jan 20, 2005, at 9:36 AM, Hervé Piedvache wrote:
> > Sorry but I don't agree with this ... Slony is a replication solution
> > ... I
> > don't need replication ... what will I do when my database will grow
> > up to 50
> > Gb ... I'll need more than 50 Gb of RAM on each server ???
> Slony doesn't use much ram. The mysql clustering product, ndb I believe
> it is called, requires all data fit in RAM. (At least, it used to).
> What you'll need is disk space.

Slony do not use RAM ... but PostgreSQL will need RAM for accessing a database 
of 50 Gb ... so having two servers with the same configuration replicated by 
slony do not slove the problem of the scalability of the database ...

> As for a cluster I think you are thinking of multi-master replication.

No I'm really thinking about a Cluster solution ... having several servers 
making one big virtual server to have several processors, and many RAM in 
many boxes ...

> You should look into what others have said about trying to partiition
> data among several boxes and then join the results together.

??? Who talk about this ?

> Or you could fork over  hundreds of thousands of dollars for Oracle's
> RAC.

No please do not talk about this again ... I'm looking about a PostgreSQL 
solution ... I know RAC ... and I'm not able to pay for a RAC certify 
hardware configuration plus a RAC Licence.

Hervé Piedvache

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