Le Jeudi 20 Janvier 2005 15:51, Christopher Kings-Lynne a écrit :
> >>>Sorry but I don't agree with this ... Slony is a replication solution
> >>> ... I don't need replication ... what will I do when my database will
> >>> grow up to 50 Gb ... I'll need more than 50 Gb of RAM on each server
> >>> ??? This solution is not very realistic for me ...
> >>>
> >>>I need a Cluster solution not a replication one or explain me in details
> >>>how I will do for managing the scalabilty of my database ...
> >>
> >>Buy Oracle
> >
> > I think this is not my solution ... sorry I'm talking about finding a
> > PostgreSQL solution ...
> My point being is that there is no free solution.  There simply isn't.
> I don't know why you insist on keeping all your data in RAM, but the
> mysql cluster requires that ALL data MUST fit in RAM all the time.

I don't insist about have data in RAM .... but when you use PostgreSQL with 
big database you know that for quick access just for reading the index file 
for example it's better to have many RAM as possible ... I just want to be 
able to get a quick access with a growing and growind database ...

> PostgreSQL has replication, but not partitioning (which is what you want).


> So, your only option is Oracle or another very expensive commercial
> database.

That's not a good news ...
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