Google uses something called the google filesystem, look it up in google. It is a distributed file system.


Hervé Piedvache wrote:

Le Jeudi 20 Janvier 2005 15:44, Joshua D. Drake a écrit :
Hervé Piedvache wrote:
My company, which I actually represent, is a fervent user of PostgreSQL.
We used to make all our applications using PostgreSQL for more than 5
years. We usually do classical client/server applications under Linux,
and Web interface (php, perl, C/C++). We used to manage also public web
services with 10/15 millions records and up to 8 millions pages view by
Depending on your needs either:




Will both do what you want. Replicator is easier to setup but
Slony is free.

No ... as I have said ... how I'll manage a database getting a table of may be 
250 000 000 records ? I'll need incredible servers ... to get quick access or 
index reading ... no ?

So what we would like to get is a pool of small servers able to make one 
virtual server ... for that is called a Cluster ... no ?

I know they are not using PostgreSQL ... but how a company like Google do to 
get an incredible database in size and so quick access ?


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