Le Jeudi 20 Janvier 2005 16:16, Merlin Moncure a écrit :
> > No please do not talk about this again ... I'm looking about a PostgreSQL
> > solution ... I know RAC ... and I'm not able to pay for a RAC certify
> > hardware configuration plus a RAC Licence.
> Are you totally certain you can't solve your problem with a single server
> solution?
> How about:
> Price out a 4 way Opteron 4u rackmount server with 64 bit linux, stuffed
> with hard drives (like 40) set up in a complex raid configuration (multiple
> raid controllers) allowing you (with tablespaces) to divide up your
> database.
> You can drop in dual core opterons at some later point for an easy upgrade.
>  Let's say this server costs 20k$...are you sure this will not be enough to
> handle your load?

I'm not as I said ibn my mail I want to do a Cluster of servers ... :o)
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