"Ron Mayer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>" wrote in pgsql.performance:
> Randolf Richardson wrote:
>>>  While this doesn't exactly answer your question, I use this little
>>>  tidbit of information when "selling" people on PostgreSQL. 
>>>  PostgreSQL was chosen over Oracle as the database to handle all of
>>>  the .org TLDs information.  ...
>>          Do you have a link for that information?  I've told a few
>>          people about 
>> this and one PostgreSQL advocate (thanks to me -- they were going to be
>> a Microsoft shop before that) is asking.
> Of course you could read their application when they were competing
> with a bunch of other companies using databases from different vendors.
> I believe this is the link to their response to the database
>   questions...
> http://www.icann.org/tlds/org/questions-to-applicants-13.htm#Response13Th
> eInternetSocietyISOC 

        That's perfect.  Thanks!

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