> Ok - I must be looking at the *updated* FC3 distribution...
> I may have 'jumped the gun' a little - the situation I describe above
> will prevent *any* access at all to Pg from webmin. If this is the case
> then check you have (perl) DBI and (perl) DBD-Pg components installed.
> If on the other hand you can do *some* Pg admin from webmin, and you are
> only having problems with the grants then there is something it does not
> like about the *particular* statement. The way to debug this is to do a
> tiny perl DBI program that tries to execute the statement :
> select relname, relacl from pg_class where (relkind = 'r' OR relkind =
> 'S') and relname !~ '^pg_' order by relname
> So - sorry to confuse, but let us know which situation you have there :-)
> best wishes
> Mark

I used you perl script and found the error =>
[EMAIL PROTECTED] tmp]# perl relacl.pl
DBI connect('dbname=template1;port=5432','postgres',...) failed: FATAL:  IDENT
authentication failed for user "postgres" at relacl.pl line 21
Error in connect to DBI:Pg:dbname=template1;port=5432:

And my pg_hba.conf is

# IPv4-style local connections:
host    all         all   trust
host    all             all         trust

trusted for every user.

Would you give me an idea what's wrong?
Thanks .

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