On Wed, 2005-02-23 at 15:26 -0300, Bruno Almeida do Lago wrote:
> Is there a real limit for max_connections? Here we've an Oracle server with
> up to 1200 simultaneous conections over it!

If you can reduce them by using something like pgpool between PostgreSQL
and the client, you'll save some headache. PostgreSQL did not perform as
well with a large number of idle connections and it does otherwise (last
time I tested was 7.4 though -- perhaps it's better now).

The kernel also starts to play a significant role with a high number of
connections. Some operating systems don't perform as well with a high
number of processes (process handling, scheduling, file handles, etc.).

I think you can do it without any technical issues, but you will
probably be happier with the result if you can hide idle connections
from the database machine.

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