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Oleg Bartunov wrote:

no comments before Rick post tsearch configs and increased buffers !
Union shouldn't be faster than (term1|term2).
tsearch2 internals description might help you understanding tsearch2 limitations.
See http://www.sai.msu.su/~megera/oddmuse/index.cgi/Tsearch_V2_internals
Also, don't miss my notes:


Thanks Oleg, i've seen those pages before :) I've set shared_buffers to 45000 now (yes thats probably very much, isn't it?) and it already seems a lot quicker.

How do I find out what my tsearch config is? I followed the intro (http://www.sai.msu.su/~megera/oddmuse/index.cgi/tsearch-v2-intro) and applied it to our books table, thats all, didnt change anything else about configs.

Hmm, default configuration is too eager, you index every lexem using simple dictionary) ! Probably, it's too much. Here is what I have for my russian configuration in dictionary database:

 default_russian | lword        | {en_ispell,en_stem}
 default_russian | lpart_hword  | {en_ispell,en_stem}
 default_russian | lhword       | {en_ispell,en_stem}
 default_russian | nlword       | {ru_ispell,ru_stem}
 default_russian | nlpart_hword | {ru_ispell,ru_stem}
 default_russian | nlhword      | {ru_ispell,ru_stem}

Notice, I index only russian and english words, no numbers, url, etc.
You may just delete unwanted rows in pg_ts_cfgmap for your configuration,
but I'd recommend just update them setting dict_name to NULL.
For example, to not indexing integers:

update pg_ts_cfgmap set dict_name=NULL where ts_name='default_russian' and tok_alias='int';

voc=# select token,dict_name,tok_type,tsvector from ts_debug('Do you have +70000 bucks');
token | dict_name | tok_type | tsvector --------+---------------------+----------+----------
Do | {en_ispell,en_stem} | lword |
you | {en_ispell,en_stem} | lword |
have | {en_ispell,en_stem} | lword |
+70000 | | int |
bucks | {en_ispell,en_stem} | lword | 'buck'

Only 'bucks' gets indexed :)
Hmm, probably I should add this into documentation.

What about word statistics (# of unique words, for example).

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