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 s> What are you using to create your raid?

Hm.  I didn't set this up.  I'll have to check.

 s> You say it is "no doubt disk
 s> I/O" - does iostat confirm this? A lot of performance issues are related
 s> to the size of the stripe you chose for the striped portion of the
 s> array, the actual array configuration, etc. I am assuming you have
 s> looked at system variables such as autoup and the likes? What tweaks
 s> have you done?

I've mainly been using Glance which shows a lot of queued requests for
the disks in question.

Here's currently what we have in /etc/system related to ufs:

  set ncsize                      =   257024
  set autoup                      =       90
  set bufhwm                      =    15000
  set tune_t_fsflushr             =       15
  set ufs:ufs_HW                  = 16777216
  set ufs:ufs_LW                  =  8388608

 s> Also, are your pg_xlog and data directories separated onto separate
 s> volumes? Doing so will help immensely.

No, they are on the same volume.

 s> What are you using to measure
 s> performance?

Nothing too scientific other than the fact that since we have moved
the DB, we consistenly see a large number of postmater processes
(close to 100) where before we did not.


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