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 a> On Tue, Mar 22, 2005 at 03:23:18PM -0600, Brandon Metcalf wrote:
 a> >  s> What are you using to measure
 a> >  s> performance?
 a> >
 a> > Nothing too scientific other than the fact that since we have moved
 a> > the DB, we consistenly see a large number of postmater processes
 a> > (close to 100) where before we did not.

 a> What did you move from?  The Solaris ps (not in ucb, which is the
 a> BSD-style ps) shows the parent process name, so everything shows up
 a> as "postmaster" rather than "postgres".  There's always one back end
 a> per connection.

 a> If you are in fact using more connections, by the way, I can tell you
 a> that Solaris 8, in my experience, is _very bad_ at managing context
 a> switches.  So you may not be merely I/O bound (although your other
 a> reports seem to indicate that you are).

We moved from an HP-UX 10.20 box where the pgsql installation and data
were on a vxfs fileystem.

And we're definitely seeing more connections at a time which indicates
that each process is taking longer to complete.


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