> Problem now is: this referencing table I expect to grow to about 110
> million rows in the next 2 months, then by 4 million rows per month
> thereafter. I expect that the time for recreating the foreign key will
> grow linearly with size.
> Is this just the kind of thing I need to watch out for? Any other
> suggestions for dealing with tables of this size? What can I do to my
> indexes to make them mo' betta?

How about getting some decent disk support?  A single 10K SCSI disk is a bit 
sub-par for a database with 100's of millions of records.  Too bad you didn't 
get a v40z ...

Beyond that, you'll want to do the same thing whenever you purge the 
referencing table; drop keys, delete, re-create keys.  Or think about why it 
is you need to delete batches of records from this FKed table at all.

Josh Berkus
Aglio Database Solutions
San Francisco

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