1. Buy for empty PCI-X Slot - 1 or dual channel SCSI-320
hardware RAID controller, like MegaRAID SCSI 320-2X
(don't forget check driver for your OS)
plus battery backup 
plus (optional) expand RAM to Maximum 256MB - approx $1K
2. Buy new MAXTOR drives - Atlas 15K II (4x36.7GB) - approx 4x$400.
3. SCSI 320 Cable set.
4. Old drives (2) use for OS (optional DB log) files in RAID1 mode,
possible over one channel of MegaRAID.
5. New drives (4+) in RAID10 mode for DB
6. Start tuning Postres + OS: more shared RAM etc.

Best regards,
 Alexander Kirpa

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