I posted this link under a different thread (the $7k server thread).  It is
a very good read on why SCSI is better for servers than ATA.  I didn't note
bias, though it is from a drive manufacturer.  YMMV.  There is an
interesting, though dated appendix on different manufacturers' drive



[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote on 04/14/2005 09:54:45 AM:

> Our vendor is trying to sell us on an Intel SRCS16 SATA raid controller
> instead of the 3ware one.
> Poking around it seems this does come with Linux drivers and there is a
> battery backup option. So it doesn't seem to be completely insane.
> Anyone have any experience with these controllers?
> I'm also wondering about whether I'm better off with one of these SATA
> controllers or just going with SCSI drives.
> --
> greg
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