What are the statistics
for tbljobtitle.id and tbljobtitle.clientnum 
I added default_statistics_target = 250 to the config and re-loaded the data
base. If that is what you mean?

--- how many distinct values of each, 

tbljobtitle.id 6764 for all clients 1018 for SAKS
tbljobtitle.clientnum 237 distinct clientnums just 1 for SAKS

and are the distributions skewed to a few popular values?
There are 3903 distinct values for jobtitle

Not sure if I answered the questions, let me know if you need more info.
It appears there are 1018 job titles in the table for saks and 6764 for all
the clients. There can be more values as presentation layer can have more
then one value for an id. SAKS is not using presentation layer yet as there
are only 1018 distinct values 1 for each id.


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