pgAdmin III uses libpq, not the ODBC driver.

Sorry I am not too aware of all the semantics.
I guess the question is if it is normal to take 2 mins to get 160K of
records, or is there something else I can do (I plan on limiting the query
screens using limit and offset; I realize this will only be effective for
the early part of the returned record set, but I believe they don't page
through a bunch of records, they probably add search criteria). But for
reporting I will need to return all the records and this seems slow to me
(but it might be in line with what I get now; I will have to do some

The application is a mixture of .net and asp and will soon have java.
So I am using the .net library for the .net pages and the ODBC driver for
the asp pages.

I did find using a view for the location join sped up the query a great
deal, I will have to see if there are other places I can use that thinking
(instead of joining on the associate table and its dependants I can just
join on a view of that data, etc).

Basically I have a view that does a join from location to district, region
and division tables. The old viwassoclist had those joined to the assoc
table in the viwassoclist, I changed it to use the view I created where the
tables were joined to the location table and in assoclist I just join to the
location view. This really made a huge difference in speed.

Regards, Dave

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