RAID1 2 disks OS, pg_xlog
RAID 1+0 4 disks pgdata

Looks like the consensus is RAID 1 for OS, pg_xlog and RAID10 for pgdata. Now here's another performance related question:

I've seen quite a few folks touting the Opteron as 2.5x faster with postgres than a Xeon box. What makes the Opteron so quick? Is it that Postgres really prefers to run in 64-bit mode?

When I look at AMD's TPC-C scores where they are showing off the Opteron,,30_118_8796_8800~96125,00.html
It doesn't appear 2.5x as fast as the Xeon systems, though I have heard from a few Postgres folks that a dual Opteron is 2.5x as fast as a dual Xeon. I would think that AMD would be all over that press if they could show it, so what am I missing? Is it a bus speed thing? Better south bridge on the boards?

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