On Tue, 19 Apr 2005, J. Andrew Rogers wrote:

I don't know about 2.5x faster (perhaps on specific types of loads), but the reason Opterons rock for database applications is their insanely good memory bandwidth and latency that scales much better than the Xeon. Opterons also have a ccNUMA-esque I/O fabric and two dedicated on-die memory channels *per processor* -- no shared bus there, closer to real UNIX server iron than a glorified PC.

Thanks J! That's exactly what I was suspecting it might be. Actually, I found an anandtech benchmark that shows the Opteron coming in at close to 2.0x performance:


It's an Opteron 150 (2.4ghz) vs. Xeon 3.6ghz from August. I wonder if the differences are more pronounced with the newer Opterons.


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