On 4/20/05, Anjan Dave <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> In terms of vendor specific models -
> Does anyone have any good/bad experiences/recommendations for a 4-way
> Opteron from Sun (v40z, 6 internal drives) or HP (DL585 5 internal
> drives) models?

We are going with the 90nm HPs for production.  They "feel" like
beefier boxes than the Suns, but the Suns cost a LOT less, IIRC. 
We're only using the internal drives for the OS.  PG gets access to a
fibre-channel array, HP StorageWorks 3000.  I _can't wait_ to get this

Our dev box is a 130nm DL585 with 16G of RAM and an HP SCSI array, and
I have absolutely zero complaints.  :)

Mike Rylander
GPLS -- PINES Development
Database Developer

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