There have been some discussions on this list and others in general about
Dell's version of RAID cards, and server support, mainly linux support.

I was pretty impressed with the Dell guy. He spent the day with me remotely
and went through my system 6650 with powervault. Changed my drives from ext3
to ext2 with no journaling checked all the drivers and such.

I did not see any marked improvement, but I donít think my issues are
related to the hardware.

I am giving up on postgres and three developers two months of work and
trying MYSQL.

I have posted several items and not got a response (not that I expect folks
to drop everything). I want to thank everyone who has been of help and there
are several.

It just is running way slow on several of my views. I tried them today in
MYSQL and found that the MYSQL was beating out my MSSQL.

On certain items I could get PG to work ok, but it never was faster the
MSSQL. On certain items it is taking several minutes compared to a few
seconds on MYSQL. 

I really like the environment and feel I have learned a lot in the past few
months, but bottom line for me is speed. We bought a 30K Dell 6650 to get
better performance. I chose PG because MSSQL was 70K to license. I believe
the MYSQL will be 250.00 to license for us, but I may choose the 4k platinum
support just to feel safe about having some one to touch base with in the
event of an issue.

Again thanks to everyone who has answered my newb questions and helped me
get it on the 3 spindles and tweek the install. was a big
help and if I wanted to budget a bunch more $ and mostly if I was at liberty
to share my database with them they may of helped me get through all the
issues. I am not sure I am walking away feeling real good about postgres,
because it just should not take a rocket scientist to get it to work, and I
used to think I was fairly smart and could figure stuff out and I hate
admitting defeat (especially since we have everything working with postgres

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