Joel Fradkin wrote:

I would of spent more $ with Command, but he does need my data base to help
me and I am not able to do that.


What if someone were to write an anonymization script. Something that
changes any of the "data" of the database, but leaves all of the
relational information. It could turn all strings into some sort of
hashed version, so you don't give out any identifiable information.
It could even modify relational entries, as long as it updated both
ends, and this didn't affect the actual performance at all.

I don't think this would be very hard to write. Especially if you can
give a list of the tables, and what columns need to be modified.

Probably this would generally be a useful script to have for cases like
this where databases are confidential, but need to be tuned by someone else.

Would that be reasonable?
I would think that by renaming columns, hashing the data in the columns,
and renaming tables, most of the proprietary information is removed,
without removing the database information.


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