I suspect he's using pgadmin.  
Yup I was, but I did try running on the linux box in psql, but it was
running to the screen and took forever because of that.

The real issue is returning to my app using ODBC is very slow (Have not
tested the ODBC for MYSQL, MSSQL is ok (the two proc dell is running out of
steam but been good until this year when we about doubled our demand by
adding sears as a client).

Using odbc to postgres on some of the views (Josh from Command is having me
do some very specific testing) is timing out with a 10 minute time limit.
These are pages that still respond using MSSQL (this is wehere production is
using the duel proc and the test is using the 4 proc).

I have a tool that hooks to all three databases so I can try it with that
and see if I get different responses.


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