Hi all,

Ia a Guy from Germany an a strong Postgres believer!
It is the best OpenSource Database i have ever have bee tasted and i try to using
it in any Database Environments.

It is exiting to see thadt Verison 8.0 has Tablespaces like ORACLE and DB/2,
but i need Partitioning on a few very large Tables.

The Tabeles are not verry complex, but it is extremely Large (1 GByte and above)
and i think Table Partitioning is the right Way to spiltt them off on some physical
Harddrives. Iam not sure thadt a common Harddrive RAID or SAN Storage
System will do it for me. The ORACLE Table Partitioning Features are verry
usefull but my favorite Datebase is PSQL.

Is there any Plans thadt Postgres will support Partitioning in the near Future?


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