> > I'm converting an application to be using postgresql instead of oracle.
> > There seems to be only one issue left, batch inserts in postgresql seem
> > significant slower than in oracle. I have about 200 batch jobs, each
> > consisting of about 14 000 inserts. Each job takes 1.3 seconds in
> > postgresql and 0.25 seconds in oracle. With 200 jobs this means several
> > more minutes to complete the task. By fixing this I think the
> > application using postgresql over all would be faster than when using
> > oracle.
> Just as on Oracle you would use SQL*Loader for this application, you
> should use the COPY syntax for PostgreSQL.  You will find it a lot
> faster.  I have used it by building the input files and executing
> 'psql' with a COPY command, and also by using it with a subprocess,
> both are quite effective.

I tried this now. Now it's down to 0.45 seconds. It feels a bit hacky to
run /usr/bin/psql from java, but it sure works. Thanks for the hint!


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