> Post the result of this for us:
> explain analyze select count(*) from mtable where
> day='Mon';
> On both machines.

Hi Chris --

PostgreSQL Machine:
"Aggregate  (cost=140122.56..140122.56 rows=1 width=0)
(actual time=24516.000..24516.000 rows=1 loops=1)"
"  ->  Index Scan using "day" on mtable 
(cost=0.00..140035.06 rows=35000 width=0) (actual
time=47.000..21841.000 rows=1166025 loops=1)"
"        Index Cond: ("day" = 'Mon'::bpchar)"
"Total runtime: 24516.000 ms"
(Note this took 24 seconds after fresh reboot, next
execution was 11, and execution without explain
analyze was 6.7 seconds)

MSSQL Machine:
That "Explain Analyze" command doesn't work for MSSQL,
but I did view the Query plan. 97% of it was "Scanning
a particular range of rows from a nonclustered index"

Thanks for your help --Mark

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