Amit V Shah wrote:
Hi Josh,

Thanks for the prompt reply !! Actually migration is inevitable. We have a
totally messed up schema, not normalized and stuff like that. So the goal of
the migration is to get a new and better normalized schema. That part is
done already. Now the decision point is, should we go with postgres or

O.k. then I would ask myself this:

Would I trust my brand new data that I have put all this effort into, that finally looks the way that I want it to look, to a database that truncates information?

PostgreSQL is truly ACID compliant. Even if it is a little slower (which under normal use I don't find to be the case) wouldn't the reliability of PostgreSQL make up for say the 10% net difference in performance?


Joshua D. Drake

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I am not trying to start a mysql vs postgres war so please dont
misunderstand me .... I tried to look around for mysql vs postgres


but most of them said mysql is better in speed. However those articles


very old so I dont know about recent stage. Please comment !!!

It is my experience that MySQL is faster under smaller load scenarios. Say 5 - 10 connections only doing simple SELECTS. E.g; a dymanic website.

It is also my experience that PostgreSQL is faster and more stable under
consistent and heavy load. I have customers you regularly are using up to 500 connections.

Note that alot of this depends on how your database is designed. Foreign keys slow things down.

I think it would be important for you to look at your overall goal of migration. MySQL is really not a bad product "IF" you are willing to work within its limitations.

PostgreSQL is a real RDMS, it is like Oracle or DB2 and comes with a comparable feature set. Only you can decide if that is what you need.


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