I have a similar question about what to choose (either LSI or Adaptec U320), but
plan to use them just for JBOD drivers.  I expect to be using either net or
freebsd.  The system CPU will be Opteron.  My impression is that both the ahd
and mpt drivers (for U320 Adaptec and LSI, respectively) are quite stable, but
not from personal experience.  Like I said, I don't plan to have the cards doing
RAID in hardware.  Should I be pretty safe with either choice of HBA then?

Thanks (and sorry for the semi-hijack).

Quoting Vivek Khera <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> On Jun 1, 2005, at 11:42 PM, Stacy White wrote:
> > "we find LSI does not work well with 4GB of RAM. Our engineering  
> > find that
> > LSI card could cause system crashes. One of our customer ... has  
> > found that
> > Adaptec cards works well on PostGres SQL -- they're using it as a  
> > preforce
> > server with xfs and post-gress."
> >
> > Any comments?  Suggestions for other RAID controllers?
> >
> I have twin dual opteron, 4GB RAM, LSI MegaRAID-2X cards with 8 disks  
> ([EMAIL PROTECTED] system+pg_xlog, [EMAIL PROTECTED] data) running FreeBSD 
> 5.4-RELEASE.
> Works just perfectly fine under some very heavy insert/update/delete  
> load.  Database + indexes hovers at about 50Gb.
> I don't use the adaptec controllers because they don't support  
> FreeBSD well (and vice versa) and the management tools are not there  
> for FreeBSD in a supported fashion like they are for LSI.
> Vivek Khera, Ph.D.
> +1-301-869-4449 x806

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