i have tested a xfs+LVM installation with the scalix (HP OpenMail)
Mailserver (it's a little time ago). I had at that time some problems 
using xfs_freeze. I used a script for freezing the fs and making storing
the snapshots. Sometimes the complete Server hangs (no blinking cursor,
no possible logins, no network). I don't know if it was a hardware
problem or if it was the xfs-software. I installed/compiled the newest 
kernel for this system (i think it was a 2.6.9) to check out if it's 
maybe a kernel-problem. But on the next days, the system hangs
again. After that i used reiserfs again. 

I tested it with Suse Linux Enterprise Server 8.

Has someone heared about such problems? That is the only reason that
i have a bit fear to use xfs for a critical database :/. 

Best regards,
Am Freitag, den 03.06.2005, 09:18 -0400 schrieb Alex Turner:
> We have been using XFS for about 6 months now and it has even
> tolerated a controller card crash.  So far we have mostly good things
> to report about XFS.  I benchmarked raw throughputs at various stripe
> sizes, and XFS came out on top for us against reiser and ext3.  I also
> used it because of it's supposed good support for large files, which
> was verified somewhat by the benchmarks.
> I have noticed a problem though - if you have 800000 files in a
> directory, it seems that XFS chokes on simple operations like 'ls' or
> 'chmod -R ...' where ext3 doesn't, don't know about reiser, I went
> straight back to default after that problem (that partition is not on
> a DB server though).
> Alex Turner
> netEconomist
> On 6/3/05, Martin Fandel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>         Hi @ all,
>         i have only a little question. Which filesystem is preferred
>         for
>         postgresql? I'm plan to use xfs (before i used reiserfs). The
>         reason
>         is the xfs_freeze Tool to make filesystem-snapshots.
>         Is the performance better than reiserfs, is it reliable? 
>         best regards,
>         Martin
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