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Please pardon my ignorance, but from whatever I had heard, mysql was
supposedly always faster than postgres !!!! Thats why I was so surprised !!

I heard a lot of this too, so much it seems common wisdom that postgres is slow... well maybe some old version was, but it's getting better at every release, and the 8.0 really delivers...

The harder it is to evaluate software, the less often people reevaluate it and the more often people just "copy" opinions instead of doing an evaluation at all.

Today there are a gazillion people out there who "know" that MySQL is faster than PostgreSQL. They don't know under what circumstances it is, or what the word "circumstances" means in this context anyway. When you ask them when was the last time they actually tested this you get in about 99% of the cases an answer anywhere between 3 years and infinity (for all those who never did). The remaining 1% can then be reduced to an insignificant minority by asking how many concurrent users their test simulated.


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