Hi All. Thanks very much for Joshua, William, Bjoern and Matthew's

I've now looked at the famous "Server for 7K" thread. In my case we are
looking for a server for around 3000 pounds (UK); the server is to be an
all-purpose web and database server.


First of all I noted that we were intending to use Opteron processors. I
guess this isn't a straightforward choice because I believe Debian (our
Linux of choice) doesn't have a stable AMD64 port. However some users on
this list suggest that Opterons work very well even in a 32 bit
environment. Some have suggested that a single dual core processor is
the way to go. The RAM needs to fit the CPU arrangement too; William
points out that one needs 2 DIMMS per CPU.


I'm somewhat confused here. I've followed the various notes about SATA
vs SCSI and it seems that SCSI is the way to go. On a four-slot 1U
server, would one do a single RAID10 over 4 disks 10000rpm U320 disks?
I would run the database in its own partition, separate from the rest of
the OS, possible on LVM. An LSI-Megaraid-2 appears to be the card of

The following (without RAID card) breaks my budget by about 200 pounds:

    System            : Armari Opteron AM-2138-A8 1U Base PCI-X (BEI)
    Case Accessories  : IPMI 2.0 module for AM Series Opteron Servers
    CPU               : AMD Opteron 265 - Dual Core 1.8GHz CPU (940pin)
    Memory            : 2GB 400MHz DDR SDRAM (4 x 512MB (PC3200) ECC REG.s)
    Hard drive        : Maxtor Atlas 10K V 147.1GB 10K U320/SCA - 8D147J0
    Additional Drives : 3 x Maxtor Atlas 10K V 147.1GB 10K U320/SCA - 8D147J0
    CD/DVD Drive      : AM series Server 8x Slimline DVD-ROM
    Warranty          : 3 Year Return to base Warranty (Opteron Server)
    Carriage          : PC System Carriage (UK only) for 1U Server

Thanks for any further comments,

Rory Campbell-Lange 

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