[Kjell Tore Fossbakk - Wed at 10:18:30AM +0200]
> I'll test the use of current_timestamp, rather than now(). I am not
> sure if Pg can do a match between a fixed timestamp and a datetime?

I have almost all my experience with timestamps wo timezones, but ... isn't
that almost the same as the timedate type?

> time > current_timestamp - interval '24 hours',
> when time is yyyy-mm-dd hh-mm-ss+02, like 2005-06-22 16:00:00+02.

Try to type in '2005-06-21 16:36:22+08' directly in the query, and see if it
makes changes.  Or probably '2005-06-21 10:36:22+02' in your case ;-)

(btw, does postgresql really handles timezones?  '+02' is quite different
from 'CET', which will be obvious sometime in the late autoumn...)

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