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>   I've put together a short article and posted it online regarding
>   performance tuning PostgreSQL in general.  I believe it helps to bring
>   together the info in a easy to digest manner. I would appreciate any
>   feedback, comments, and especially any technical corrections.  

I did not read through the whole article, but I already have some comments;

work_mem was formerly sort_mem.  As many of us still use pg7, you should
probably have a note about it.

There are already quite some short articles at the web about this issue, and
that was actually my starting point when I was assigned the task of tweaking
the database performance.  I think diversity is a good thing, some of the
short articles was relatively outdated, others were not very well written.
And also - I still never had the chance to do proper benchmarking of the
impact of my changes in the configuration file, I just chose to trust some
of the advices when I saw almost the same advice repeated in several

I think we need some comprehensive chapter about this in the manual, with
plenty of pointers - or eventually some separate well-organized pages
telling about all known issues.  It seems to me that many of the standard
tips here are repeating themselves over and over again.

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