Perhaps choose a better subject than "question" next time?

Alejandro Lemus wrote:
In the past week, one guy of Unix Group in Colombia
say: "Postgrest in production is bat, if the power off
in any time the datas is lost

Wrong. And it's called "PostgreSQL".

> why this datas is in
plain files. Postgrest no ssupport data bases with
more 1 millon of records".


Wath tell me in this respect?, is more best Informix
as say

Your contact in the Unix Group in Columbia obviously talks on subjects where he knows little. Perhaps re-evaluate anything else you've heard from him.

You can find details on PostgreSQL at, including the manuals:
The FAQ:
Spanish/Brazilian communities, which might prove useful

PostgreSQL is licensed under the BSD licence, which means you can freely download or deploy it in a commercial setting if you desire.

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