> Identify what the problem is first of all. Some things to consider:
>  - Are there particular queries giving you trouble?
>  - Is your load mostly reads or mostly writes?
>  - Do you have one user or 100?
>  - Are you block-loading data efficiently where necessary?
>  - Have you indexed both sides of your foreign-keys where sensible?
>  - Are your disks being used effectively?
>  - Are your statistics accurate/up to date?

No queries in particular appear to be a problem. I think it's just the
overall speed. If any of the configuration settings will help make the
simple select queries go faster, that would be ideal.
The load is about 50/50 read/write.
At the moment it's just one user, but the goal is to have a cluster of
servers (probably less than a dozen) updating to a central db.
Indices exist for the fields being searched, but we don't have any foreign keys.
I'm not too familiar with effective disk usage or statistics...

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